Booking information

Booking & payment weekends

SWG has limited resources to fund weekends away, so we have the following policy to help prevent financial loss to the Group and to ensure the safety of our members.


These weekends away are for full SWG members only. You will need your Ramblers membership number at the time of booking. 

Members can only sign up for a weekend away when bookings open from the time and date stated in the programme and on the website.

Please make sure that when booking a place, you speak directly to the organiser. Messages left do NOT mean your place is booked. You cannot expect the organiser to ring you back so if you don't get through first time, please keep trying.

To book you need to provide the following information: your full name; your Ramblers membership number; your telephone number and your email address.

You may book yourself and one other SWG member on the weekend away in one phone call, but please have all their details to hand (or they cannot be booked on).

A number of places will be reserved on each weekend for walk leaders offering guaranteed walks, without whom there would be no walking and therefore no weekend away. The first leader to book will have first choice of walk grade to offer, the remainder will be allocated a grading. Booking for walk leaders and committee members may begin in advance of the booking date, however a minimum of 50% of the places will still be available when the bookings open to the membership.

Shortly before the weekend away the walk leader will email everyone with all the contact details for people to arrange to share lifts to the hostel. The email will include other details about the hostel and any special eating or sleeping arrangements.



Once you have reserved your place, you are liable for the full cost of your place on the weekend away. If for any reason you cannot go, you must inform the organiser immediately. Please see our Refund Policy for further details.

You must email the organiser to say when you have paid by bank transfer so we can confirm we received it in our accounts.

We prefer payments to be made by bank transfer - please email the group for details if you need to make a payment.

Alternatively, payments can be made by cheque (payable to "Sheffield 20s & 30s Walking Group"). Cheques should be sent to:

Sheffield 20s and 30s Walking Group
The Circle
33 Rockingham Lane
S1 4FW

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