Cadair Idris weekend away - Sunday beach walk

28th October 2007

View of Barmouth from the other side of the river


The bridge at Barmouth being worked on

The beach at Barmouth

The boys outside the toilets

Joanna joins the boys outside the toilets

Walking along the beach

Walking along the beach

The sand dunes

The sea

Big pebbles on the beach

Meandering around on the beach

Enjoying the sea air

Embracing the sea air

Contemplating the experience

Sonia on the beach

Off with the shoes and socks

They are off

Left the shoes behind

Anyone else taking their shoes off?

Bare footed

Chris with camera

Can you tell he's from Blackpool?


Reading the newspaper

Having lunch

Contemplating the harbour

Preparing to go back

View of the bridge they wouldn't let us walk across
Photos from Simon G and Andy Lee

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