Edale Extravaganza

4th November 2007

The Giant Guinea Pig of Kinder!
(for those who didn't believe in it)

View from the top of Grindsbrook's right hand fork.
Grindslow Knoll in the distance.

On the ascent

Where we just came from

On the move again

Pondering the next stage

More ascent to go

Chris is enjoying every minute

Further up

Nearly there

At the summit

Having a breather and natter.





Just a drink stop


Kinder on a clear day!


View from near Wool Packs.

Just a touch of lippy and we're ready

Lunch stop.

Chris admires the view!

Still lunching.

All downhill from here

Setting off again.

The blind leading the lost

Admiring the view from the top of Jacob's Ladder

And having a bit of sit down

Still sitting

We should be running I tell you!

Photos from Simon G and Gary D

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