Whitby Weekend

27th-29th July

A Weekend in Whitby with Chris H


I had a good feeling about this one. Best weather for ages. Me and Ed driving across the North York Moors with Oasis banging out. We hit town and this was going to be good. I was spot on.

The hostel was right on the estuary itself with a slipway and outdoor seating area on the edge of the dock, boats everywhere and a five minute walk into the main town. Friday night we meet up in the Dolphin by the harbour bridge, and on to the Shambles riverside pub with music and a balcony overlooking the river. This is great. Back to the hostel for Sonia's Blockbusters with me as question master and my assistant hardcore walker Lisa and associated merry punters.


We divide into two groups, our lot walked along the cliff tops to Robin Hoods Bay, Gary's lot go inland first. Cue lunchtime frolics on the beach with football, Frisbee, and paddling in the North Sea as the tide comes in with ice cream vans and donkeys heading for safety. I'm just beginning to think this is what I've been missing for a long time, when we meet up with the other group. Get knotted hanky on head for more paddling and we convene outside the Bay Inn pub overlooking the sea. This is bloody lovely. Everyone getting in the holiday mood. Some go walking again, but we go back to Whitby to find the town coming alive for their busiest weekend so far this year. Blimey, it's like Blackpool with all the sunburnt bevvied up people, but more interesting with a selection of maritime related shops selling more unusual rubbish and tat I've ever seen in my life. I'm in town with Sharon and Helen, we have a laugh and I head off down the jetty to get some sea air. This is great, right out in the sea, windy and rough. Saturday night and Gary takes people to Alessi's Italian restaurant where they blagged some free wine of some mad Italian waiter. I go to the Duke of York with the rest of the group. A pub overlooking evening sky over the sea. Magic. On to the Shambles riverside balcony again^×you get my drift. We end up with another Blockbusters quiz night with Sonia as my assistant this time. I don't know who won.


Start off with a bacon butty and fruit juice sitting on the harbour side in a brisk wind. Best breakfast ever. We all decide to stay in Whitby for the day, so some going on boat rides around the harbour, more fish and chips, crazy golf and ten-pin bowling. I join the group actually walking up the beach to Sandsend. It was lovely. A right old five mile hike and then back to Whitby for the RNLI annual festival consisting of booms, lifeboats, canoes, a helicopter rescue, and the particularly amusing sight of the pirate ship nearly capsizing in the wake of all this. On for a walk to the abbey and more photographs all round. Oh well, home beckons. More Oasis banging out on the way home as we laugh about it all. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a special weekend. To anyone else, look at the website with the Kiltmaster Gary and President Lee to see what we're all about. Watch the message board and contribute stuff yourself and, if you come along it doesn't take long to realise what a great group we've got going now. Cheers. Top weekend. When are we going again?

Saturday's Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay Circular Walk


Hacking through...

... the undergrowth

Waiting for the
bramble slashers







Waiting to be rescued

Cream teas all round!


Robin Hood's Bay




Lee and Annabel

Chris and his handkerchief


Looking back towards Robin Hood's Bay



Lee and Mike

The lighthouse

Pete, Lisa and Lee in front of the abbey



Sunday's Lifeboat Trip, Crazy Golf and Other Stuff
It was Lifeboat day, so of course we had to go on a trip on a lifeboat! And the ubiquitous fish'n'chips, and crazy golf, and ...





Lifeguard boat ride



The hostel from the water

View from the boat











Lifeguard rescue demonstration

Lifeguard display










Coastal cottages








Beach huts
Photos from Nicki F, Gary D, Lucy R, Pete F, Vince B and Annabel H

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