Slaidburn Weekend Away

18th - 21st January 2007
Saturday's Stocks Reservoir Walk
Muddiest walk of the year so far? Possibly.

Leaving Slaidburn



By the reservoir

Muddy farm fields

Sun tries to break through

Muck spreading



Getting back just as the hail starts





Saturday's "Windy Ward's Hill Wander"
Unless this was the muddiest...





















Fun with fences

Further fence fun
Clitheroe Castle



Clitheroe Castle

In the Hostel












Sunday's River Ribble Bimble
A short bimble there and back along the Ribble near Clitheroe.

Weir on the Ribble


Watching the kamikazi lemming ducks







Sunday's Pendle Hill Walk



Snake Pass on the way home



Photos from Steve J, Vince B, Gary D and James C

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