Shutlingsloe Shuffle

Sunday 4th February
Over the west side of the Park, this brilliant walk takes in a fine hill and if time permits three (count 'em) fine pubs. Shutlingsloe provides fine views to the Goyt Valley and the southern peaks and is known by our founder as the "Matterhorn of the Peak"! Not too sure about that, but it's a lovely walk anyway.

180° (or thereabouts) panorama from Shutlingsloe. Photo doesn't do the view justice, but on the day
we could see Jodrell Bank very clearly, and hills from south Wales up to north Lancashire 


Bottoms Reservoir

View up Tegg's Nose

View down from Tegg's Nose

Another view from Tegg's Nose...

...and another...

...and another...

...and another

Shutlingsloe from below
(Macclesfield Forest path) 

(and again)

View from Shutlingsloe summit



View from Shutlingsloe summit
Photos from Vince B

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