Nidderdale Weekend

20th-22nd April 2007
Saturday's 15m Nidderdale Way and Moors Walk










Saturday's Other (10m) Nidderdale Way and Moors Walk

River Nidd in Lofthouse

Resting after a very steep climb!

In Moor from
Lofthouse Moor


Upper Nidderdale from
the Scar House Reservoir dam

Scar House Reservoir dam

On the dam

Resting at the Crown
Hotel, Middlesmoor

Meeting up with the other
walk at the pub

How Stean Gorge
Saturday's Dinner in the Bunkhouse
Someone came in and cooked for us. Very yummy!




Sunday's Brimham Rocks Bimble








Photos from Pete & Kath S and Gary D

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