Haunting Haloween Night Walk

2nd November 2006
It's Halloween once more, the scariest night of the year. The night when dark shadows flit across the face of the moon and twilight's gnarled fingers scratch their way across the moorland of the dead. Let us take you on a tour and reveal some of the secret haunted locations of S17. From Fox House (which isn't haunted, its just where the bus stops), we cross the ancient burial ground of Totley Moor to Lenny Hill, where the headless highwayman lurks with his ghost dog. From there we follow Blacka Dike, said to be haunted by the Haliwell Boggle (hed like me to point out hes a hobgoblin, not a dwarf or an elf), to the Cricket Inn for a pint of Wizard Fabrice's finest brew and a slice of bat pie (pumpkin gruel for the veggies). Mostly easy paths. Warm clothes / witches capes and torches / pumpkin lanterns / spare batteries essential. Come if you dare!

Waiting in vain for someone to fall in

Not even Zoë slipped

Some old witch ;-)

Looking good, Lucy has had her hair done especially

Spooky lights on the A625

Spot Mr Health & Safety

Ghostly apparitions

We carry on undeterred

Auras in the sky

Annabel and the ectoplasm

A double moon

We set out over the moors

Across the fields

Not too scared to look back
Photos from Ben and Ruth

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