Weekend Away: Snowdonia - Bala
3rd - 5th September 2004

Recently, 26 SWG members headed over to Bala in mid-Wales for a weekend of walking and boozing.

Staying at the Coach House in Bala (ok, but not great accommodation), the walks were centred on the Berwyn Mountains to the east. 2 walks were offered, the usual "Roger" walk, and a more leisurely amble led by yours truly. Roger's walk took in 19 miles, several big hills, and 6 miles of waist high heather. They got back at 8.30pm....

The medium walk meanwhile turned into an amble - mainly due to the consumption of excellent cakes/pies etc at the café at Pistyll Rhaeder. It was after the 300 foot steep climb to the top of the waterfall (which, geography fans, is 60 feet higher than Niagara at around 240 feet) that I looked around, saw everyone dawdling and happily chatting away, and swiftly shortened the walk to an easier 7 miles. We got back at 4.45 pm....

Bala is an interesting place - hoards of locals crawling their way down the main street on a Saturday night. And on occasions, fighting. Nice. The bunkhouse was an interesting place too. Particularly when Chris H took over the stage and did an hour's karaoke. With a pepperpot for a microphone. What a hero.

Sunday's hangovers were relieved with 2 walks, led by Jonathan J and the Dodger, both which offered excellent views of most of North Wales in the brilliant sunshine. An excellent weekend.

Chris on the lazy walk

Pistyll Rhaeder

Ed and Charlotte

Down the valley from the top of Pistyll Rhaeder


Where's the path gone

James S (not sleeping for once)

The end of the walk - in the pub

SWG's answer to Peter Andre

Where's his 'Mysterious Girl'...

Jonathan and Julie back at the bunkhouse

Ah, there's his Mysterious Girl (sorry Julie, only joking!)

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