Bleaklow Aircraft Wrecks Walk
24th January 2004

Despite the best attempts of the weather (rain, wind and hail), we managed to stumble across 3 aircraft wrecks up on Bleaklow, a mixture of luck and judgement. Having a layer of hail on the ground by the time we reached the final wreck of the day accentuated the unforgiving feel of the landscape.

We took the path called "Doctor's Gate" to Ashton Clough where we found the first pieces of wreckage, up to James's Thorn for some more, along with a monument. Then we headed east as the weather deteriorated to Shelf Moor for the largest crash site. We then tried to get to one more wreck at Near Bleaklow Stones - including a stop for lunch in driving hail(!), but with the weather looking increasingly unpleasant, we finally admitted defeat, heading back via the Pennine Way to the warmth of cars and a drink in the Snake Inn.

The 3 wrecks were (for anyone wanting to read more on the 'net, esp. see this site):

Andrew R.

Andrew R

James C

0124 105712

Ashton Clough: Just corrugated metal?

Perhaps more interesting

135 3590 IMG

The slippy path up Ashton Clough

135 3596 IMG

Skytrain crash site

Lancaster crash site

0124 121221


James's Thorn: Monument for first 2 wrecks

View from James's Thorn

Shelf Moor: Fragments of Superfortress

136 3605 IMG

136 3608 IMG

Superfortress monument

136 3611 IMG

136 3613 IMG

136 3614 IMG

136 3617 IMG

136 3618 IMG

136 3619 IMG

136 3620 IMG

0124 134319

0124 134435

136 3621 IMG

136 3622 IMG

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