Weekend Away: Lake District (Glenridding)
22nd - 24th November 2003

On the Edge of Terror! (or: Terror, tears and tea)

5 set forth an early morn... Photo poses were struck on any available opportunity. Catalogue mannequins made a guest appearance, followed logically by super-heroes.

Hellvellyn relented after a daring attack from the flank. Circumnavigating the chasm of death, the edge of terror reared its ugly head. The moral fibre of the party was tested to the limit. There were gasps of shock, trembles of impending doom, wishes of being elsewhere, but the 5 set forth relentless.

Small children were rescued, cats lured out of trees, clothing abandoned but the 5 fought against lengthening odds. Finally after several out-of-body experiences and bottom-clenching moments of up-welling tears, the beast was tamed and the tea shop beckoned.

What do you mean, you don't believe a word?


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View from the top

On the top

Striding Edge from Helvellyn

Striding Edge

Striding Edge


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