Hope Valley Extravaganza

The sun has got his hat on... hip hip hip hoorray!

25th May 2003: What a glorious walk and what wonderful weather! After a rousing speech from our leader, Simon, we all set off firstly to tackle Bradwell and then a very, very, very ,very BIG hill!

After much puffing and panting (with a few members rueing how much they'd drunk the night before - me included) we made it to the top and enjoyed firstly walking along admiring the hillsides and then on to a great spot for lunch. There was a glorious view to enjoy (ahhhh), one's sandwiches (imagine Popeye munching noises now: numn numn numn numn num num) and a cocktail of absolutely bizarre banter - the usual large portion of innuendo, a sprinkling of sharp tongued wit and a dash of smut!

Then it was time for some hard decisions. Do we go the short, easy way and get to the pub earlier than expected, or do we go up and down, and up and down some more just for the hell of it! All credit to our leader (this is of course why we have them) who declared, 'We're going for the hard one. Come on girls, you know you like it!'

So we did and it was superb!

Conversations of the day (that can be repeated of course!) included how do birds reproduce (Karl our resident ornithologist was handy for that), the true meaning of 'dag' or 'daggie' often heard in 'Neighbours', and the revelation that a certain group member who, for legal reasons shall remain nameless, actually resides in an old folks home. It was the help button that gave him away! (Note to Editor - we really ought to start checking these applications more thoroughly!)

The bird copulation dilemma was unfinished business from, the now infamous, 'I think this might be slightly longer than I thought' Bleaklow walk, where James out-rogered Roger. It was the choice of conversation for poor, worn out and clearly delirious walkers who didn't stop plodding till 7.30pm.

Anyway back to the Hope walk. We trotted on by the river enjoying the sunshine until we got to Padley Chapel when we were told something very, very important: if we got a wriggle on, we'd have more time at the pub. So off we wriggled, fast, through Padley Gorge, ignoring the ice cream van and got to said destination with plenty of time for supping.

Several jolly pints later, the troops who'd lasted the course got the bus back to Hope. On arrival, a simultaneous thought suddenly hit: "Bugger I've nothing in for tea. hrrrummpphh!" So then it was on to Hathersage for some big food in the Little John. Hurrah!

If you weren't there, you missed a top one! It was, as they say, hot, long and very, very hard!

I haven't mentioned the jammie dodgers have I? Ah well maybe next time!

Philippa G.

Chris Matt Rick

Duncan Ruth

Group shot

The wonderful unspoilt view of the Hope valley

Stream Crossing




Jo Rich

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