Cader Idris Weekend: Roger's Sunday Walk

Roger's Sunday walk provided a great opportunity to explore some lower hills to the east of Cadair Idris itself. Starting from Dinas Mawddwy, a steep initial climb through a forest was rewarded with views of the cliffs and waterfall of Craig Maesglase, and we then walked round the top of the cliffs, enjoying wide views both of the moors of mid-Wales and of the higher mountains to the north, to a lunch spot perched precariously at the top of a distinctly steep looking slope near the top of Maesglase. The route next took in the undulating ridge from Maesglase to Craig Portas and Cribyn Fawr, with more views opening up back to Cadair and the sea.

Returning via the valley of the Afon Cerist, we followed a route which looked fairly obvious on the map, but rather less obvious when confronted with a sea of thorny bramble. However Roger navigated us successfully back to Dinas Mawddwy in time for a drive back to Sheffield in the evening sunshine.

Jonathan J.

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Lunch with a view

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Looking down the valley where the cars are parked

Pigs in clover


Carl, Man of the Mountains

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