Shutlingsloe & Hanging Gate

16th March: A stunning spring day found us taking a rare trip to sunny Cheshire, which inspired not only T-shirts but also an early sighting of bare legs!

Starting from Wildboarclough, we scaled Shutlingsloe, the "Matterhorn of the Peak", trekked through the depths of Macclesfield Forest, and found a delightful bog for a spot of lunch and sunbathing. A relatively long walk saw us spurred on by promises of ice cream, which was enjoyed with a wonderful view from Tegg's Nose, and beer, which we eventually tracked down in the superb Hanging Gate. Suitably refuelled, we trundled back to the cars for the long drive home across the Peaks, with the sun setting on a fantastic day.


View from Shutlingsloe


Charlotte & Andy L.

Through the Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest (2)

Local pony finds a friend in Carol

Looking towards the Cheshire Plain

On Tegg's Nose

115 1578 IMG

Sarah, Bec, Philippa & Philippa

115 1582 IMG

We saw quite a few of these during the walk

115 1589 IMG


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