Holmfirth and Nora Batty


March 2nd: Although just outside the Peak District, Charlie's walk proved that there are fantastic walks to be had beyond its boundaries. Starting in Holmfirth, we walked south to reach Hollin Hill reservoir and woods, then circled round to the west via Ramsden, Brownhill and Digley reservoirs and woods before heading back - overall about 9 miles, although the consensus would suggest that this was a gentle 9 miles, with no major climbs or descents.

The weather was exceptional - although not particularly warm, the air was wonderfully clear and seemed to add to a great atmosphere on the walk. The presence of lots of water, by way of streams and reservoirs made for interesting scenery, along with some sights particular to the area - a number of wind generators, an eco house (see below), a strange creature in the pub (also see below) - where Laura-of-the-broken-toe and Eva appeared, and of course the mandatory Last of the Summer Wine related sights. The tourbus for this did pass us during the walk, with all of 2 passengers. Maybe it's more popular later in the year.

Stomachs were well catered for, with the lunch stop at a stream / picnic place closely followed by a nearby pub, and at the end of the walk the much heralded "Best ice-cream / hot chocolate in the world": Charlie certainly knows how to keep people happy!

Andrew R.

115 1515 IMG

115 1516 IMG

115 1520 IMG

Lunch stop

Eco house en-route

A strangely quiet and still cat by the fire in the pub...

115 1527 IMG

Digley Reservoir

The Café

Update: A couple more shots of Digley Reservoir, courtesy of Eva. The first is from her and Laura's "Alternative" route (involving very little walking indeed, tut tut) around Holmfirth; the second shows it when frozen, from her and Charlie's recce of the walk a few weeks ago.

Digley Reservoir

Digley Reservoir
when frozen

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