Grindon & Hamps / Manifold Valleys

March 9th: With the forecast for the day having steadily improved, 16 of us set off anticipating a mostly dry walk - and had our hopes exceeded by a good dose of sun, making for a T-shirt afternoon. That combined with some excellent limestone countryside and good company made for a great day out.

Starting at Grindon, Cathy led 16 of us south-west to the Hamps valley, enjoying (?) connoisseur-grade mud (read: this was one of the muddiest walks the group has done...) as well as assault-course grade stiles, every one testing new levels of dexterity and sure-footedness for those passing through.

From the Hamps we headed across green fields to the Manifold Valley via Green Farm (a village name) - noticing signs for other villages with evocative names, such as Back o' th' Brook or Waterhouses. On the map there's also a place called "Hell hole"...

We followed the Manifold Way north, having lunch on the way. On either side were impressive limestone features, including "Thor's Cave", a huge hole in the hillside. Nearing the walk's end we stopped at Wettonmill café for some refreshment, including some fantastic home-made cake, before heading back to Grindon and home. A great day out, thank you Cathy.

Andrew R.

Teabreak near the Hamps

Simon balancing members' needs

This way to the farm

115 1538 IMG


115 1542 IMG

Looking along the Manifold river

Thor's cave

Cathy & Simon

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