Longstone Edge and Hassop

23rd March 2003: Michael Fish did us proud again this week, as we gathered in the warming sunshine at the Eyre Arms in Calver. With a few new faces (both human and canine) to join us, we headed westward through the steep sides of Coombs Dale under Charlie's watchful leadership and trundled up Rough Side onto Longstone Edge. The Edge provided a gorgeous setting for a spot of lunch before we headed down the valley (via a tricky stone-and-dog stile!!) and into Hassop. The Eyre Arms (Hassop) was the main stop of the day, providing some welcome lubrication to cool us down and an enlightening conversation about lizards in lingerie (!) and witnessing the invention of sneeze-flavoured crisps (!)

The group headed back towards Calver through the woodlands of Brambley Wood, with excellent views across the valley towards Froggat, Baslow and Chatsworth. Another quick drink was had in the Eyre Arms (there's not much imagination on pub names in this part of the Peaks!!) to compare sunburn marks and freckles, before heading home after another great day - cheers Charlie! And thanks to Andrew, who provided a great deal of sweet and vulnerable sunshine (and that was just the shirt!!)


Leader with Legs

Chicks with Bouncer

The sunshine shirt


Longstone Edge

116 1614 IMG

116 1615 IMG

Pooch with Retrievable Rock

116 1618 IMG

Hazy View

Hazy View 2

Hazy View 3


Walking Birds

Wet dog
Illiterate Chicken

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