Lakes Trip - Saturday: Eskdale Green & Boot walk

This walk was aimed at those of us that were either recovering from surgery, taking it easy because of a bad back, taking it easy because of weak ankles or just taking it easy because the thought of climbing Scafell Pike was just too daunting.

Having watched the other two groups depart at earlier times the remaining 12 members of the group got together for 10:00 and set off from the Woolpack Inn crossing over the river Esk at Doctor Bridge.

This walk was designed to be a doddle, we followed the course of the river for a few miles until we arrived at Eskdale Green where we decided to stop first for ice cream at the post office and local community store then at the pub for a swift pint before heading on towards Fell End. A swift pint turned out to be a more relaxed two and we had managed to kill 1 and a half hours in Eskdale Green before we finally set off again.

In a cheerful mood from the good weather, the ice cream and the fine beer a few of the young ladies of the group decided to provide the rest of us with some excerpts from Dolly Patron. Must have been the heat!

The second half of the walk was slightly more strenuous as it involved a few short climbs and there were various mumblings of mutiny in the ranks.

However we made it up Fell End and on to Hollinghead Crag and came to a lovely spot by Blea Tarn where one of the exhibitionists amongst us could not resist the urge to strip off down to his pants and take a refreshing dip in the tarn.

We descended into BOOT (pronounced in a big booming voice - ask Ed) for another couple of pints before finally making it back to the Woolpack Inn in time for an evening meal and yes you guessed it, more drinks.

James C.

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