Lakes Trip

June 27th - 29th: After a challenging journey with scary mountain roads (and hills), people arrived at the "The Woolpack Inn" in Eskdale where we were staying - with the weather looking decidedly iffy (read: "Damp"). Although oddly [relatively] unfriendly, the Inn did have a good range of beers and games, so pool and darts accompanied the drinking before turning in.

On waking up the next morning... it was raining. So to breakfast, a strange affair where we all had to wait until we were 'Let in' to the breakfast room (the bar!), where our rations awaited us (I did say it was a bit unfriendly); vegetarians (a third of the group) in particular seemed to get a raw deal.

By the time we'd finished breakfast, the sky was looking clearer and it had stopped raining. Little did we realise what a stunningly sunny day was to come for all 3 groups...

The following day started suitably sunny, so the whole group headed for Langdale - alas 2 cars took the wrong route, missing the group who had already set off to the tarn and the peak above. That left behind the sun-worshippers and those who'd overdone the drinking the previous evening:

Andrew R.

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