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25th June: Inspired by my enjoyment of previous evening walks and the Weatherman's uncharacteristically positive Forecast for the week, I decided to send an email around at the start of the week to see if anyone else fancied a stroll in the sunshine followed by an excuse for a huge pub meal.... Quite a few of the group were obviously thinking along similar lines as we ended up with 15 of us assembling at the Ladybower Inn.

The walk part of the evening began with a direct/ bl**dy steep (delete as appropriate) route up onto Lead Hill. Fortunately for my personal safety, at the end of the climb we were rewarded by fantastic views over Ladybower and Derwent Reservoirs and the surrounding hillsides. Further views were enjoyed as we made our way along the ridge, before descending on a comparatively gentle path to Grindle Clough and eventually to the Reservoir. The return route involved an easy but very pleasant stroll along the reservoir.... By this time most of the group's stomachs were announcing that it was well past their usual tea-time (whilst other members' alcohol alarms were sending out very similar signals!..), so the sight of the Ladybower Inn was an extremely welcome one.

All but two of the group were able to stay around for food, and the pub did us proud with absolutely gorgeous food in walker-size portions. For our part, we of course did the Walking Group proud by continuing the group tradition of profound philosophical discussions... (or did we just discuss ironing underwear?... My memory for these things is a bit fuzzy!!...)

Anyway, all fuzziness aside, it was a lovely evening.... Let's hope the Weatherman continues to be nice to us so that there can be lots more before the end of the summer...

Cathy S


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Ladybower Reservoir

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