31st January: 10 fearless souls ventured out on Friday night, braving winds, snow, and lack of cabs to enjoy jugs filled with Sangria, pot luck tapas (I guess if you ask for 5 meat, 5 fish and 5 vege, you grab what you can) and loads of red wine at La Mancha on West Street.

We then moved on to Cubana's for a bit of salsa dancing, topping up with more red wine, and hardier spirits such as JD's and Southern Comfort.  And no we are not a bunch of alcoholics, it's just what I remember, other than conversations about becoming a housewife (no thanks Charles) and the benefits of Australia's weather versus English history - huh?  CJ and I wimped out by eleven with me citing studying reasons for leaving, whilst others moved on to Trippetts.  A hot night by all.

Hope to see you at the next social.  ET

La Mancha Team

Laura & Eva

Charlie & Charles having a DM

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