Another beautiful, sunny, winter's day set the tone for our gentle walk though Wharncliffe Woods and Wharncliffe Crags around Grenoside.  A fantastic turnout of 29, especially with some of our regular members still appearing despite being somewhat attached to their sunglasses.  No doubt heavily influenced by the birthday festivities, 'hot pantsing' and some serious exhibitionism from the night before.  A hearty happy birthday to Laura, Ed, Edd, Helena and Gary (apologies to anyone I missed).... we look forward to the next celebration for all the Aquarians in the group.  We also welcomed many new faces and hope to see you again at future socials and walks.

Somehow, whilst being guarded by Santa's Little Helper's twin, we managed to walk past 3 pubs, without even looking at hangover menus, before strolling into scenic, undulating countryside.  Hearing distant shooters and hoping no-one would take potshots at us in our camouflaging red and blue walking jackets, we set off to climb into Wharncliffe, where the snow showed us how boys without toys can still have fun.  Although I did spot one member 'rolling' a snowball into shape, grunting to lift it and then unfortunately failing to throw it far enough to do too much damage... better luck next time!

A lovely day to be had by all...I unfortunately missed the pub stop at the end of the walk, but that's what excesses from the night before can do to you!

Hope to see you on the next walk, intrepid reporter, ET.

Claire & Sarah

Charlotte trying not to grin as I took her photo

Hill Climb

Laura and Charlie

Lunch with stick and hat

Mini Break - Laura & Ed

Santa's Little Helper's Twin Casey


Ed winning

Simon Winning

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