Matlock to Ashover and back

8th February: With a "Clearing from the west" forecast, a large group turned out on a rather grey day to get a good dose of fresh air. The landmark for the day was Riber Castle - a folly I understand - overlooking Matlock where we started, and visible for much of the day.

Riber Castle

The landscape was far more arable than many of the group's walks - and made for a gentle walk. The initial greyness gradually gave way to patches of blue sky, before clearing completely for a fine day. Despite numerous opportunities, as far as I know no-one ended up covered in mud, there being plenty of it. The walk took in a varied landscape - plenty of grass, trees and fine views - about right for the White Peak. We also came across various animals, including a sheepdog that decided to play at herding the group (we had become a bit strung out). The final descent into Matlock was when many were reminded (by their hips/knees/feet) that they had in fact walked 14 miles - so much of the group then headed for appropriate medicine at the local Wetherspoons. Abbot Ale at £1.35 per medicinal unit proved highly effective...


112 1277 IMG

Roger leading from behind

Group being rounded up


112 1286 IMG


Through the woods


113 1302 IMG
113 1303 IMG

Mud, our constant companion...

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