The "Sights of Malham" walk

February 23rd: Simon gallantly led this walk for the 2nd time (the 1st time being the previous day for the other half of the group) - to go round the "Sights of Malham" - Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn and Malham Cove.

Starting from the bunkhouse, we walked via Janet's Foss - a small waterfall - to the impressive Gordale Scar, where a bit of scrambling was required to get up the rocks beside a waterfall there. Further on was Malham Tarn where we had lunch, before returning (with the clouds now gathering) via Malham Cove - an example of a Limestone Pavement - as you'll see from the pictures, this is a spectacular feature formed by the erosion of limestone by water. On this occasion it made for a treacherous path, requiring us to avoid slipping into the huge gaps between rocks that descended in some cases for many feet - good for broken bones.

Talking of broken bones, this is where we met up with Laura, still nursing her broken toe, but having managed to get up the Cove. With the weather closing in we then made a quick exit back to Malham, and headed back to Sheffield.

Andrew R.

114 1429 IMG

Janet's Foss

114 1441 IMG

Gordale Scar

114 1445 IMG

Gordale Scar (2)

Gordale Scar (3)

Simon near the top of Gordale Scar

Looking down Gordale Scar

Looking down Gordale Scar (2)

114 1463 IMG

114 1464 IMG

Looking towards Malham Tarn

Top of Malham Cove

Close-up of the limestone pavement

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Malham Cove

Malham Cove

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