22nd February: Starting in Clapham, Saturday's walk took us up Ingleborough via some nice sights, including the Ingleborough Show Cave and Gaping Gill. As we ascended Ingleborough itself, the wind got up, really biting into any exposed bits of skin. Everyone in the group put on whatever they could find in their rucsacs to try and find something to keep the wind out, with limited success. That said, once we'd reached the top of Ingleborough and started back down, the wind dropped a bit. We had lunch huddled against a wall - including a bag of wine gums and a box of chocolates - before continuing back to Clapham via fairly gentle countryside.

It was a good walk, but somewhat marred by the wind on top - but at least Clapham had a welcoming hostelry (with very wierd - or should I say lewd - pictures); it seems to be a climbers' / cavers' haunt. But the beer was good.

Andrew R.

Entrance to Ingleborough Show Cave

113 1375 IMG

Gaping Gill

Gaping Gill (2)

Gaping Gill (3)

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Kiwi time

Roger, Expedition Leader


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The New Inn

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