Chatsworth & Edensor

Helena our Leader!

2nd February: Blustery, windswept, and showery I think are apt descriptions of our walk on Sunday, but it was still a lovely, gentle, 7 mile round trip around the Duke of Devonshire's Estate, letting us work of any excesses of the weekend, with some magnificent views through the mist.  A short stop at the Devonshire Arms in Beeley at the end, brought several suggestions of an early morning walk some Sunday before the weather becomes too warm, to end with a piping hot roast lunch, treacle pudding and Guinness, with any guilt being assuaged by the miles already completed.....(hint, hint, committee).  The drive home saw drifts of snow showers, which made the blustery cold seem quite mild in comparison!

Thanks to Helena for leading the walk, see you on the next one.

Cheers, ET


Bridge Stop

Misty View

Cool Hat Collection

Cathy & Philippa

And the pub is....

Charlie The Hood

Simon (thinking about his pint)

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