Howden Moors

6th April 2003: Roger lived up to his reputation on this walk, and although it was a long one and all the elements were against us (it seems) it was fantastically enjoyable. Walking across these moors was challenging... the walking paths seemed to disappear and we ended up walking across mounds of heather, (Quick tip - it cleans your boots!) and the terrain was extremely uneven, so there were quite a few members of the group who ended up with really muddy legs after falling into small hidden pot holes!! The mud slides were also quite amusing, and having to negotiate getting up and down these very steep mud slopes caused a few giggles when the gentlemen of the group offered to pull up the ladies of the group and they all ended up falling backwards on top of each other!! Very compromising! However, seeing the bus at the end of the walk to take us back to the car park was such a relief, it saved a further walk of about 4/5 miles, on top of the 14 we'd already done!

Howden Moors is a lonely place and you wouldn't catch me up there on a dark night, however we certainly brought a cheery outlook to it.... Thanks again to the organisers.


Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Reservoir (2)

117 1712 IMG

117 1713 IMG

Patterns in the heather (from burning?)



117 1719 IMG

117 1721 IMG

Stopping at a trig point for a quick break


Bog-crossing with wings

...and without

...without (2)

Jonathan & James conquer "Horse Stone"

from above

Howden Moors

The Derwent

The Derwent (2)

Slippery Stones bridge

Howden Reservoir




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