Bradfield & Back Tor

27th April 2003: Despite a fairly unpleasant weather forecast, a large group turned out for this walk from Bradfield up to Roach Head and further to Back Tor, before a pleasantly long stop at the Strines Inn and the wander back to Bradfield.

The day started with warm sunshine, suggesting a great day ahead, and certainly the walking was good, until a few miles in when the clouds turned grey, giving us all a good dose of rain and wind. This didn't however stop Steve from baring all, well at least a pair of bright white legs. As you'll see from the photos, he is not actually human, with the rest of the group being buffetted by the wind while Steve casually reclines on a nearby rock for some gentle sunbathing. The wind and rain did however abate, so that by the time we reached the Strines Inn after taking in some great scenery, we could enjoy some leisurely drinks in the sunshine, with the occasional peacock or peahen wandering nearby (Strines is rather weird...).

When we finally roused ourselves from such comfortable surroundings, we headed back down via the reservoirs to Bradfield and home. It was only then that true disaster struck: The ice-cream van was shut. Many thanks to Andy L. for leading and Simon for back-marking.

Andrew R.

Fields near Bradfield

The clouds move in...

Eyebrow competition


118 1803 IMG

Ed and Steve compare walking gear

The clouds move out...

101 0191

101 0192

Andrew, James, Dave, Jonathan, Chris

Back Tor

Everybody feeling the wind, whilst nearby...

...Steve exposes himself

Peacock admiring the view

Strines Inn

102 0219



Iris, Philippa, Charlotte

Andy L. does eyebrows too

Peacock, peahen

Reservoir on way back

Reservoir on way back (2)

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