Snowdonia Weekend - Snowdon Walk

Here are lots of pictures (and believe me, there are many more...) of the walk up Snowdon on the Saturday. We had fabulous views - except when we reached the top, when of course the summit was covered in cloud. That said, it was amazing to see glimpses of the scenery below during brief breaks in the cloud.

Nominations for doing wierd things to Ed and Helen doing press ups upon reaching the summit (whatever turns you on?) as well as James texting Phillipa (who was on Roger's walk) to say that this walk was "better than theirs, nah nah nee nah nah".


Where we started

img 0395

img 0396

img 0399

img 0400

img 0401

The group's treasurer has unusual habits (1)

unusual habits (2)


img 0405

img 0406

img 0410

The mist clears...

img 0423

img 0424

img 0425

img 0426

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img 0398

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