Snowdonia Weekend, November 15th-17th 2002

lake view

Late November didn't seem like the most promising time for a trip to the wettest place in the UK... Driving across to North Wales on a cold dark Friday evening, I expected that the weekend's walks may be likely to be of the type best described as "character building"! However, amazingly, the 20s & 30s group's fantastic weather record continued; not a drop of rain all weekend! (well, barely...).

After a first night in the pub where most people took it reasonably easy (with a couple of notable exceptions... just ask the local whose knicker elastic received an unexpected visit from a certain group member!..), Saturday dawned with a very early pub fry-up followed by a choice of two walks. The majority of the group went with James to hunt for grannies and Japanese tourists at the top of Snowdon, whilst a few hardy souls were tempted by the notorious Roger's promise of a "short climb followed by a flat ridge".... By the end of the day this group decided that Roger's definition of "flat" is a concept requiring it's own dictionary definition; it needs, for example, to be broad enough to incorporate the inclusion of a slope of such a gradient that, as Roger himself later admitted, "if it wasn't covered in grass it would have been called a cliff"!

Saturday night saw the group firmly entrenched in the local pub once again... well, as community-minded individuals, we feel it's important to do our bit to support the local economy!

The Sunday was a day that can only be described as STUNNING... Crisp and clear with not a cloud in the sky; if North Wales was like that all the time people would be queuing to move there! Again, a choice of walks was offered: a scramble up Tryfan for the adventurous/ mad; a "medium" difficulty ascent of another peak; and, for those preferring a more leisurely Sunday, a lakeside stroll followed by a teashop visit. Some found the decision-making process a bit too taxing first thing on a Sunday but, regardless of the option finally selected, the consensus when we all finally reunited in the carpark at the end of the day was that everyone had had an amazing day... Those in the group who didn't go on the weekend have no doubt been bored senseless by now by the countless photos taken by group members!

A truly memorable weekend... Roll on the next one!


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